Welcome to the MACRA Playbook Community

Implementation of MACRA is moving forward swiftly. NRHI is committed to providing the most relevant, comprehensive and above all else, objective information available on the Law, the Rules and their effects on employer, provider, patient and payer Stakeholders. We are dedicated to supporting our member RHICs in their efforts.

Knowing that MACRA is playing out differently in regions throughout the country, and that emerging practices must be tailored to best apply to the needs of your local communities, NRHI has launched The MACRA Playbook in partnership with its regional collaboratives.

This online community is intended for use by NRHI members who have hosted or are planning MACRA Playbook Events. It is intended that this community is used by NRHI members only (and partners working directly with them to execute events). The members of this community will be active in shaping the scope, content and interactions of this community in order to ensure that this resource is effectively leveraged.

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